Saturday 21 April 2012

Pork and Fennel

I often am unsure of what to do with Fennel, but I had a couple of fennel bulbs in the fridge from my Abel and Cole box and I thought I could do something with pork with them, and it went down a treat, so I thought I ought to blog it because I will otherwise forget it, and it was a good way to make a relatively small amount of meat go a long way.

I sliced up the 2 fennel bulbs in the v-slicer and then fried them with a finely chopped onion until they were all going soft.  I sprinkled in a teaspoon of fennel seeds and then a teaspoon of ground cumin to aid digestion.  I then crumbled in the pack of pork mince (on a BOGOF in Ocado) and browned it, then added a teaspoon of Marigold powder, and a slosh of white wine.  At this point I added a small pack of baby new potatoes.

I left this to simmer for around 20 minutes, and at the very last minute I stirred in a splash of cream.
This was served with some greens and some lovely sourdough bread from Boyden's Kitchen of course.

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  1. Will try this too....Alex likes pork/ ham/ bacon. Do you know if fennel is available all year round? If not, do you know what else is similar?