Thursday 31 December 2009

fresh start

Ok, so a lot of things have changed since I blogged last, and I've had a bit of an hiatus, but it's time I started keeping up and documenting my foodie life!

So money's tight, and so this year, I decided to mostly make foodie gifts for my friends and family.

I took 2 recipes from the January Sainsbury's mag - Salted Caramels, and Star Anise Truffles.

Both very successful, but differently. The caramels were very gooey, and some melted and reformed into one, and the truffles could have stood a little more star anise, but the kitchen smelt like Heaven, and they evening I was making them all, was the first night it snowed! It was SO Christmassy!

So, once the New Year is seen in, we'll be back to budget, using an array of books to help keep things interesting - I got a good haul for pressies - Economy Gastronomy, The Kitchen Revolution and The Vicar's Wife Cookbook.
Stay tuned and get cooking and get saving!