Wednesday 13 April 2011

My antidote to aubergine-phobia

Ah, spring is sprung and the Abel & Cole boxes have completely changed character. We got our first aubergine of the year and the obligatory clutch of courgettes this week. They make Papa's heart sink, but this early in the year, they constitute a challenge to me! I decided I'd do something curry-ish with the aubergine, but then started to worry that the kids wouldn't eat it, but I countered that by deciding it would be a naan bread meal, and that might swing the balance, and if not, then naan bread and yoghurt is kind of nutritious... Well, Littl'Un asked for seconds, and even Big'Un ate all her portion up. They both loved mopping this up with their bread, and so I have got to make a note of how I did this, as when Papa came home even he ate it and said it was bearable and edible, albeit with a hefty dollop of mango chutney alongside! Ingredients: 1 (small) aubergine 1 smallish onion (red in this case) 1 medium to large potato 2 or 3 tomatoes a teaspoon of "panch phoron" - Bengali 5 spice a teaspoon of ground cumin a tablespoon or 2 of yoghurt salt to taste. some oil Heat the oil in a saucepan and cube up the aubergine. Fry the cubes off on a medium high heat, until browning at edges. Add the spices and stir to mix well. Finely chop the onion and add, and mix, on a slightly lower heat. Now cube up and add the potato. When the onion is soft, (about 3 - 5 minutes) roughly chop the tomatoes and add those too. Cover, lower the heat, and allow to stew down. After 10 or 15 mins, remove the lid, and let some of the liquid boil off. Add salt to taste after this point. Just before it is done, stir through the yoghurt. If you prefer your potatoes not mushy, then use a handful of small waxy potatoes instead. This is very flavourful and unctuous and the hot fresh naan will be glorious to mop up the gravy and melty aubergine, be prepared for this, and make extra naan dough!