Thursday 14 May 2009

what's on the menu next week?

It is a bit of a complicated menu plan this week, but hold on to your hat and we'll get there..

Daddy and Big'un are going off to Grandma's house on Friday afternoon, Grandma and Grandad are taking Big'un to here on Saturday, so Godpapa and Littl'un and I are going to spend the day together, and we thought we'd head to a tiny place we discovered this week - for an early evening meal for the 3 of us, and if Daddy and Big'un get back in time they can join us too.

If it ends up not possible we'll find food for Littl'un and I'll cook my wonderful quick baked gnocchi standby dish, using a Sainsbury's basics pasta sauce, vacu-pak gnocchi and some blitzed veg and a basics mozzarella ball. No need to boil the gnocchi, just pour sauce into a dish with the gnocchi and bake for about 20-30 mins. I have it booked in later in the week if I don't make it on Saturday. With me so far? Good.

If I've already made it on Saturday, I'll make a Nigella minestrone in minutes (using fresh Nigella, actually nigella is a seed one can cook with, so that's even funnier than I first thought!) Or I'd fry up a bunch of chopped up leftover meat and mix with noodles. Eating with chopsticks is always so much more filling... So here goes:

Saturday: crepe from Crepe Cafe, or gnocchi bake.
Sunday: slow cooked lamb with olives and whatever veg box veg I can hide in there* Served with cous cous
Monday: left over stale baguette ends soaked in tinned tomatoes and baked with cheese and maybe a tin of beans.
kids free-from meal is lamb mince and rice pilaff with veg. Pudding of pink wafer bix and fruit.
Tuesday: pan baked chicken thighs/drums with Frank's Red Hot sauce, potato wedges and roast cherry tomatoes, and whatever green veg replaces chard (shudder) in my box.
Wednesday: Bacon sour, possibly my signature dish, with Ebly (yay!)
Thursday: this is the night for the gnocchi if I didn't make it or minestrone if I did or leftover noodly thingy.
Friday: Thai red salmon curry and rice, maybe brown rice if I can summon up the courage to try again!

Somewhere in there I'm also going to bake at least a banana bread as I bought a reduced bag of basics bananas and 2 were a bit bruised which just screams out banana bread. I also want to fiddle around with the naan recipe to make some sweet fruit flatbreads (yeasted) as I was thinking the naan dough is so nutritious with all the yoghurt and milk etc. I'll probably also whip up a batch of cookies or similar too if I can. Let's see how it goes....

Oh and let's have some more comments here, I wanna hear what you think and what you are all eating!

*veg box this week has the double whammy of aubergines and courgettes which are great for bulking meals but hated by Godpapa. I have to hide them unless he's working the late shift. The kids eat them fine...

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  1. Godpapa doesn't even like aubergines in aubergine pakora? The man is a wierdie! Or moussaka? [shakes head in despair]

    Ive tried soaking the raisins in banana bread in liquorice sambuca for a change which is a hit (alcohol burns off in bread so fine for littlies).

    And please post some cookies up north :)