Monday 25 May 2009

bacon sour recipe

people have been asking me what is a bacon sour. It's something I invented at uni, and used to serve with rice, or pasta or Ebly, or left over chips, or pitta bread or jacket squds or whatever.

Basically chop up and fry about half a pack to a pack of bacon, however flush/greedy you are feeling... Cook it til its as you like bacon, but it won't stay crispy if that's all you eat, so beware!!

Add some chopped onion if you feel like it.

Pour in some tinned chopped tomatoes, half a tin to a tin.

Add a capful of whatever vinegar or lemon juice you have to hand. Vinegar works better, I've used plain malt and red wine, and some weird posh tarragon one which was lying around, it's all good.

Add some sweetcorn, tinned or frozen, and mix up well. Grind black pepper in. Simmer until thick. Serve.

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