Thursday 14 May 2009

the defiant meatball and other suppers

I had a bogof pack of decent sausages in the freezer, so I slit and discarded the skins and rolled each sausage into 3 meatballs, all were beautifully round and it was quite therapeutic to do. However, when I fried them they all sprang back to slightly oval/oblongy clearly a divided third of a sausage! Oh well. Took them out once fried and made a nice quick tomatoey sauce in the pan - fried some chopped onion (from the packet in the freezer) then poured in a tetra of chopped tomatoes with olives from Sainsburys. Added the usuals, splash of already opened wine, green tabasco, etc. Served up with the rest of a packet of linguine, very yum, if more rugby ball than round meatball, oh the defiance of the wretched sausage!

Today I used Vicky Bhogal's wonderful and largely unsung book "Cooking Like Mummyji" to make dry chickpea curry, and I used an amalgam of various different recipes to make naan bread. From scratch! Wonderful. Big'un was off school today, and we did an lil maths lesson weighing out the ingredients, and it was science to explain how the yeast made the bread rise. And utterly divine to eat, and I had some fun on my own experimenting with methods of cooking it. I tried oven on a high heat with a preheated baking tray, and both tawa and grill and tawa and held upside down over flame (I have a special thingy to do this, it's designed for chapatis). I think tawa and grill worked best, but my oven doesn't have a grill inside it, which would have made a difference. I'm sorely tempted by one of these:
but don't think naan would work in it.

Just made my next grocery order and managedto get it £40.25 plus delivery! Very pleased with myself.

Oh and toying with the idea of getting a breadmaker, doing tons of research towards it...

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