Monday 25 May 2009

I don't have anything to prove!

(and no this isn't about bread making!)

But yes, I used a Pataks biryani paste for the quick biryani, and it was yum, and it's all decent ingredients. I tend to always have a jar on hand, as I find the one pan pilaf is such a quick and easy meal. I don't always use the Biryani, I've also used the Korma, tikka masala and Rogan Josh, I think. Don't get the tandoori if you're like minded, as it does contain one of the to be avoided colours, which I was highly disappointed to find out.

I added frozen leaf spinach and peas to the "biryani", as well as the liver, obviously. Would you be surprised to know Littl'un adored the liver? She's had liver a few times before, and always asks for more. Of course it's "chicken" to her. Classically, all meats are "chicken" even the beautifully fresh haddock we had as a treat the other day! LOL! I don't give liver too often as it's v high in iron and vit A, both of which not good in too high doses in little people.

On the other hand, I may have used a bought curry paste for that meal, but I made chapatis myself today! And the "subji" was really simple today, just made with cumin (whole and powdered) salt, tomatoes (half a tin) and a little sprinkling of turmeric and garam masala to fry the veg in. I microwaved the chopped unpeeled potatoes before adding to the pan to speed up the cooking. Shimples!

Just like the chicken yesterday, wow, pop it all in slow cooker before Mass, come home to be tempted by the divine smells of the poaching chook. Early supper with the kids, juicy tender bitey meat. Didn't so much carve it as stop it from falling apart as it was taken out of the pot.

I have poorly just returned from abroad parents, so used some of the poaching liquor and veg and a lil of the leftover meat (there wasn't much left!) to make a soup for the sickly ones. Added some ginger and garlic and more stock and sent it in a flask. Hope there weren't any passengers who'd been to Mexico on their plane...

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