Saturday 19 May 2012

menu plan

It's been a while, and my friends have been enquiring, so here is this week's menu plan.  I wonder how much I will be able to stick to...

Sat: saayi daal, tandoori (?) salmon cubes, rice, maybe a few chapatti

Sun: oxtail stew & rice

Mon: jacket potatoes, Littl'Un's egg mayo, cheese, baked beans, roast spiced squtternut bosh.

Tues: sausage & chips with brocolli (giggly pig sausages and some organic chipolatas I have in the freezer)

Weds: steak & rocket in pitta bread (inspired by an amazing steak sandwich I had last weekend at Boyden's Kitchen.)

Thurs: chicken, mushroom, sweetcorn in cream sauce with pasta - maybe conchigle

Fri: pickled prawn curry, spinach sweetcorn curry, rice

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