Saturday 11 February 2012

half term menu plan

We are away one night, and the kids may be away a couple of nights, and it's Valentine's Day on Tuesday and Papa has said he wants to cook as my gift! So we shall have:

Saturday: bacon and sausage pasta with caulibroc salad
Sunday: we are away, GodPapa will fend for himself
Monday: we may be back, we'll have roasted veg & cheese or beans & cheese wraps if we are.
Tuesday: Papa is going to make spag bol.
Wednesday: garlic and chilli buttered prawns with a mushroom risotto and some steamed veg.
Thursday: chicken, leek and mushroom pie
Friday: cheats mac & cheese and salad

On Thursday I will also bake some little cakes to take to playgroup on Friday, as it's BigUn's birfday on the Sunday thereafter... Hopefully will throw together some free-from ones too...

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