Tuesday 24 January 2012

This week's Meal Plan

I've been inspired by the exciting Mrs M's blog to link up my menu plans on a Monday (or as soon after as I can manage) so even though I write my plan on a Friday or Saturday to shop over the weekend (in person or online) I am going to try to get the plan on the blog every week, even if I don't manage to get any recipes up inbetween, though I will try and use Blogger on my SmartPhone for recipe posts in the week if I can.  Any requests gratefully received...

So here is this week, and it's been going to plan so far too:

Saturday:  Roast gammon (was half price in Morrisons) with halogen oven roast potatoes and roast beetroot with creme fraiche, parsley sauce and a bag of steamed mixed veg.

Sunday: oxtail stew & rice

Monday: jacket potatoes (microwave then halogen crisped) with egg mayo, cheese and baked beans

Tuesday: ethically sourced British veal, with mushrooms, spring onions and paprika in a cream sauce with Spaetzle & brocolli.

Wednesday: left over gammon, toast, carrots batons, olives, fruits.

Thursday:  decent quality chipolata sausages with Smash (we didn't actually end up having this last week)

Friday: cubes of salmon marinated in orange juice, sherry, soya sauce and sesame oil and grilled on skewers.  With rice and stir fried green.


  1. How was the Spaetzle and veal? Sounds yum :)

    1. Yummy ta, no leftovers, tho needed longer cooking or pressure cooking or cutting more finely. But I didn't see cooking times til too late. I wld definitely buy again.

  2. Mmmm, it is weird that I'm craving roast beetroot now? What a strange thing to lust after but yum.

    Thanks for joining in, all sounds lovely.