Monday 7 February 2011

making room for mushroom!

We had 3 gorgeous portobello mushrooms in our organic box delivery, and I was really pleased to see them. One of my favourite lunches is a nice soft brown roll filled with a butter-fried large mushroom, with maybe a rasher of bacon and some melted cheese perhaps. So, I used 2 of the 3 like this, giving one to GodPapa on a weekend lunchtime.
However, I wanted to try something different with the other one, especially as Papa and both girls are suspicious of cooked mushrooms, but mushrooms are so versatile and delicious, and I'd love them to learn to enjoy them.
Sainsbury's is doing a series of recipe sets which are 5 meals costing under £20 altogether, and they are pretty interesting and different and mostly pretty simple too, so I decided to try a few, though I knew some wouldn't really work for us. One was a recipe for a pizza, using bought bases, and salami and mushrooms as the topping with simple tinned tomato puree as the tomato base, so I thought it'd make a variation on the pizzas we usually make with a breadmachine dough and a sauce made from scratch. So I sliced up the mushroom and just presented it as the topping on offer, along with the lovely thin salami we use from the Sainsbury's Basics range, and the ready grated mozzarella which the kids find easier to use, and works out as better value anyway.
Well, the girls loved arranging their toppings on their pizzas, and ate the pizzas with delight, and Littl'Un even loved the leftovers cold the next day for her lunch after nursery!
I never would have imagined it would be that easy!

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