Thursday 20 January 2011

paneer pakora

well, I had some gorgeous leeks in the box and I really wanted to melt them down with butter sloooooowly as my grandmother used to, and I had a little yoghurt which I fancied using to make naan breads, so I thought, why not do something with some paneer?
And lo and behold the paneer box had a recipe for a yummy looking paneer pakora on it, so I thought I'd try that.
However, the pakora recipe was very bland, and just a pancake type batter, which ISN'T pakora, so I improvised and devised my own.

I mixed gram flour, garam masala (my homemade blend), sesame seeds, cumin and salt in a dish, trickled in some water to bind, and stirred in a teaspoon of oil.

Then I cut up my paneer block into strips, cubes and chunks and then I first fried a few small cubes plain, and then I coated the rest in the batter and fried them in batchs in my karahi of oil. I find a karahi uses much less oil and heats up more quickly.

When they were done I removed them with a slotted spoon and drained them on absorbent kitchen paper, and they were really delicious and very more-ish!
This would definitely work with tofu for vegans.

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