Monday 21 June 2010

use-up lemon cheesecake

We had a tub of organic creamcheese which had been shoved against the back of the 'fridge which made it freeze solid and go all granular. Nothing wrong with it, but the texture wasn't right ('rangy-dangy' as Big'Un used to say when something was weird and not as usual) but I didn't want to just bin it when it was perfectly good to eat, so I decided to cook with it...
I scooped it into a bowl with another tub full and beat them together. Then I added 4 rounded tsps of cornflour, 1 egg, about a quarter of a cup of golden caster sugar & a few drops of lemon oil. Beat it all til gloppy & then poured it into a 1.5 ltr dish which I'd prepared with a crushed digestive & melted butter base.
I then dolloped tsps of basics lemon curd on top. The whole thing was then baked in a moderate oven for about half an hour/35 minutes til set, brown and firm to touch.
Eat with care as lemon is still really lava-like.
Maybe a drizzle of organic cream could help..

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