Saturday 12 June 2010

Calzone and almost everlasting ragu sauce

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a BIG pack of nice quality mince in Sainsbury's and cooked it all up - bulking it further with grated courgettes, green lentils and the usual mirepoire of carrots, celery, onions, as well as 2 tetrapaks of basics chopped tomatoes. A little red wine, some ubiquitous Marigold, a little cocoa, and a lot of simmering later and I had a BIG pot of succulent, savoury, comforting ragu sauce. Immediately portioned half off and stashed it in the freezer.
So with the portion we didn't freeze, well, the kids love spag bol, so we had that for dinner and lunch the next day too, and GodPapa took some to work with rice for a quick lunch. There was a very small portion left, so I made a batch of pizza dough in the bread machine, divided it into 4, rolled them out into vaguely even circles, smooshed a couple of teaspoons onto half the circle, sprinkled a lil grated cheese on top and then folded it closed and pinched up the edges.  Baked as for pizza, and served with salad this was a HIT. SO much so that Litl'Un made a special request that I make this for dinner when Daddy next comes to visit.
So, this week, I took out the freezer portion, and used half in some Discovery Taco Trays, which were a HUGE hit, and used the other half of ragu to make 6 calzone today, as kids' Dad came to visit. It was still a hit, and Big'Un ate as much as the grown-ups. 

As a side note, I want to add that for both the Taco Trays and today's calzone, Big'Un made a yoghurt dressing from a recipe she learned at the Real Food Festival last year, and it was YUM. 
about 4 dessert spoons of yoghurt,
one teaspoon mint sauce
one teaspoon wine vinegar
salt and pepper

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