Wednesday 29 April 2009

next week

I've just done my shopping online and it came to just under £49 including the delivery!! Well done me!! Our box delivery company is leaving us a bit in the lurch this week as they are changing our delivery day, so we'll go a slightly longer time between deliveries.

I'm just gonna blog the menu plan for the week right now, and I'll try and post recipes on the day of cooking, or soon after.

Saturday 2nd May: black daal - Panjabi style with kidney beans, served with rice and naans.

Sunday 3rd May: slowcooker day -lamb with olives and tinned tomatoes served with pine nut and raisin cous cous and some veg, perhaps a purple sprouting broc.

May the Fourth Be With You: gonna pop some soaked haricot beans in the slow cooker in the morning with some tinned toms and other good stuff and have home made beans on toast in the evening. With some salad.

Tuesday 5th May: jacket potatoes with mushroom sauce. My housemate doesn't eat mushrooms but he always said he loved mushroom sauce. I decided to make it a couple of weeks ago, with no real idea of what I was aiming for, showed him the finished product and asked naively "how do you usually make it?" His reply: "Dunno, it's out of a packet.". He LOVED my homemade version. Will probably use some of the previously mentioned red cabbage left with some of the endless carrots and make a slaw. Heck I might even make the mayo for the slaw!

Wednesday 6th May: chicken thighs stewed (maybe acutally on the hob this time) with sweet potoatoes, non-sweet potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes and some more of those carrots. Maybe some of the dry cider we don't like drinking.

Thursday 7th May: saw a recipe in Good Food magazine for quick to make garlicky pizza breads, with tomato sauce. Felt I wanted to add a little meat so bought a pack of pepperoni. M 7yr old adores garlic bread, so should love this. Might even get them both making the bread. I just love the smell of garlic and butter on a toddler. She had spring onion breath yesterday!

Friday 8th May: something quick and easy as there's a Ladies Indulgence Evening at school and I HAVE to go... some pre-flavoured salmon fillets which are on offer with some boiled new pots and something from the veg box that should arrive in the day. Bit of a cheat this one with regard to the shopping bill, as one pack of salmon is in the freezer, and housemate is a fishmonger so will pick up another pack in the week.

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