Monday 29 February 2016

One Person Thermos Porridge

Big 'Un has a real fondness for porridge, but with so little time before her early start, she finds fresh, hot porridge too hot to eat. She (understandably) doesn't want to get up even earlier to make this possible, so she usually makes Jack Monroe's Starbucks bircher every couple of days as the portion is 2 breakfasts' worth
But occasionally, especially if we are low on milk, I make this for her. She adores it. Yes, she could easily make it herself, tho our gas kettle is hotnto handle, but I'm her mum and I like doing things for her to make her smile.
I've blogged the thermos porridge before, but that was a slightly different procedure, and didn't give anything as useful as measurements!
Incidentally, the "yellow scoops" are battered old "Taylors of Harrogate" coffee measure scoops, but they are what we have always used for porridge. I haven't worked out what the exact volume is, around 10ml, I think, but the weights should help you to find a volume measure that suits you so you needn't feel you must get the scales out each time!

3 yellow scoops/33g oats
2 tbsp/ 14g milk powder
Flavouring of choice - sultanas, choc drops, butterscotch pieces, cocoa, or just a little sugar. Whatever you enjoy really!
1 x 300ml wide mouthed thermos flask.

Boil a kettle with 300ml water.
Mix up the ingredients listed above in a dry jug.

When the kettle boils, fill the thermos with the boiling water  and screw the lid on and leave to warm. Immediately put another 300ml water in the kettle and reboil.
When it boils the second time, empty the first lot out (use it to wash the preparation dishes!) and pour the dry ingredients carefully into the flask. I use a jam funnel to make this easier. Then pour the freshly boiled water on, screw the lid on well, and shake. Leave overnight to soften and "cook". I find leaving it on its side prevents it from separating too much, but if you're only doing one portion this is less of a problem than with bigger amounts as you simply either decant into a bowl to eat, or just stir and eat directly from flask.

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