Thursday 9 December 2010

emergency Masala Zone fix!

When I picked up Littl'Un from nursery yesterday she wanted to know where we were going for lunch or dinner. She then asked *really* nicely if we could please go to that restaurant with the yellow chicken in sauce and rice and yoghurt, and puppets on the ceiling, but sadly, it's rather a long way to go to Covent Garden for lunch and be back in time to collect Big'Un!
Well, then I remembered I had a box of leftover roast chicken from Sunday, ready for making chicken and bacon pasta (more on that later) and I can surely spare a little, so I suggested I could try and make her yellow chicken, rice and yoghurt at home? Well, this delighted her, and she was very very keen to get home and see what I could do!

So, I adapted the recipe I use for Gujarati Kadhi: (this will make a small portion)

In a small pan, mix together
2 tbs natural yoghurt
1 tbs gram flour
pinch of turmeric

Add and mix in
6-8 tbs water.
Boil slowly until taste of flour is not "raw", and there's a "soft" texture (you'll know when you see it.)

Now melt some ghee or heat some plain oil and fry:
1 sliced garlic clove
3 or 4 curry leaves
half a tsp mustard seeds if liked
a finely sliced green chilli if liked

When yog mix is cooked enough, add tempered flavourings to it and mix. Add salt to taste.

While this was boiling I made buttery cumin flecked rice, and boondi raita.

She was happy, tho she actually preferred the yoghurt and rice which is a classic meal for kids all across India and Indian descended kids across the world! (I always forget about it as I can't digest yoghurt!)
I served it on a metal thali with a little metal "bati" or bowl too.

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