Thursday 15 April 2010

melty melty oxtail

a very kind butcher put an extra half kilo of oxtail in the bag, so we stewed mega mega piles of oxtail slowwwwly in the oven, and it was super super yum. Using my grandmother's recipe from her sweetly handwritten recipe book (needs rebinding, donations towards this gratefully received!) I trimmed and seared the chunks of meat, then removed them (I always place them on the lid of the dish, so I don't lose any of the juices) and then put chunkily cut leeks, carrots and celery in the hot pan, with a few black peppercorns and a bay leaf and a couple of sprigs of my beloved garden rosemary.  Once those were taking some colour, I browned a couple of tablespoons of flour in with them, put the meat back in and then poured in a glug of wine, and some good beef stock. Brought it all to the boil with a little added seasoning and popped it in the oven mark 4, for an hour, and then lowered to mark 2 for a further 2 hours.
Right at the end, I always pour in some frozen green beans and sweetcorn, and then serve with rice.
I also always dig in and eat with my fingers and Littl'Un LOVES gnawing on the bones...

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