Friday 5 February 2010

comforting leftovers lunch

Having got home from the park a little later than usual, I needed to put something together quickly that would be filling and nutritious. I found small pots of squds & celeriac mash, slow cooked buttery leeks and steamed salsify. I decided to heat the mash & leeks together but not in a frying pan, just directly in a microwavable bowl, and when that was hot, I made a little crater in the mix and cracked an egg in! Back in the microwave for about 50 seconds, and I had a perfectly "baked" egg in colcannon-ish stuff. Very soothing, filling, quick, easy & cheap!

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  1. read back thru the blog, it's an injoke. It's mistxting for "spuds". And I liked it.