Friday 17 July 2009

ricey fish (an ode to the kitchen gadget..)

Godpapa brought home some lovely haddock (on offer in Morrison's this week) so I decided to use up some of the box veg and steam the fish en papillote. I have these wonderful silicon papillote dishes from Lakeland:

saves on foil and paper and fuss and fiddle. Anyway, I layered in carrots, broad beans and courgette. Then I laid the haddock fillets on top (beautifully skinned by my handsome fishmonger) and then added a layer of spring onions, some seasoning and finally a little dribble of white wine. Pop the lid on and pop in oven and it really only took 15-20 mins!

Along side, I made a lovely dill "pilau" rice. I fried the rice grains (2 cups) in some oil with a sprinkling of homemade garam masala (thank you Bamix) and about a tablespoon of dried dill weed, with a salt spoon of salt (oh I found some gorgeous juniper wood things in Covent Garden, just couldn't resist the salt spoon and a butter spreader, the scent is wonderful, and they are so pleasing to use.) I then added a teaspoon of Marigold bouillon powder and 2 and 3/4 cups of water (made easy by using my Tefal Quick Cup, LOL). Of course it boiled almost immediately, and I put the lid on and turned the heat down very low. 20 minutes later I gently stirred in half a bag of finely shredded organic spinach. Re-lidded and left for another 5 minutes, and then served it all. Gorgeous! And SO filling, and loads of veg portions!

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